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Eric Huyton

Lighting Cameraman, Bristol, Bath, United Kingdom   +44(0)7799 628316

I'm highly experienced in lighting and filming for all genres of programming from observational documentary to drama, natural history and commercials.

2019 was a busy year filming for Lion Television "History of the Mongol Empire" China & Mongolia,  BBC "Green Planet" with Sir David Attenborough in Costa Rica and the UK and "Animal Impossible" for BBC in the UK and Switzerland.

Before that was a BBC1 film "Attenborough and the Giant Elephant" with David Attenborough. Shot over in the UK, USA & Canada on Sony F55


I have worked frequently with the BBC and many other European Broadcasters, National Geographic, Discovery Channel. I've travelled extensively in Africa, Australia, the USA, Latin America, Middle East, Lapland, Europe and Canada and I'm no stranger to working in difficult and sometimes sensitive situations.

In the business and commercial sector, I have worked with Volvo Cars, Mitsubishi, British Telecom, Goldman Sachs, Proctor & Gamble, Vodafone, Lloyds Bank, Orange EE

I'm comfortable with all formats from HDV through to High Definition and 4K / 6K as well as 35mm film. F55, Arri Amira, Arri Alexa, RED Helium, C300, Sony / Panasonic High Def cameras, Sony A7S, Canon 5D.

I enjoy making good looking films with close attention to lighting and controlling what’s in the shot. I also enjoy ob doc and am able to read sensitive situations where tact is called for in order to get the right material and equally happy to ‘muck in’ if needed. I’m good with presenters and contributors and can work quickly when needed.

Experienced in long lens filming for wildlife and natural history programmes.

I’ve shot a series of car commercials for the Volvo S80 launch in the USA (35mm film), Mitsubishi (35mm film) and a number of in house films for Mitsubishi (Digi Beta & High Def)

Credits - a selection

BBC "Green Planet" (currently in production) Sync sequences with David Attenborough in Costa Rica rain forest plus sequences in the UK. Shot on RED Helium at 6K with prime lenses and Lowa probe macro lens. BBC Natural History Unit. Directors: Rupert Miles, Paul Williams, Mike Gunton.

"History of the Mongol Empire" Series exploring the legacy of Ghengis Khan.  Filmed in Inner & Outer Mongolia on Arri Alexa Mini 4K with prime & zoom lenses. Lion TV. Director Giles Harrison.

'Attenborough & the Giant Elephant" 60 min science doc for BBC1 with Sir David Attenborough. Interviews and actuality with scientists and experts as they perform an autopsy on the skeleton of “Jumbo” said to be the largest African elephant in captivity. Filmed in USA, Canada & UK. F55 with prime lenses. Humblebee Films for BBC1.

The One Show BBC Scotland. Americas Cup Catamaran with Ben Ainslie Racing. Dir: Sam Goss. Sony F55 with prime lenses

Red Squirrels in danger Rilk Films for Arte Wildlife film about grey squirrels threatening the native red squirrel population Sony F55

Natural Curiosities series 2, 3, 4 & 5 BBC2 Natural History show with Sir David Attenborough. Sony F55

Country File    2013/14/15 BBC1 Weekly magazine programme about UK countryside, farming, wildlife and environmental issues. Sony HDW500

Bargain Hunt   2013/14 BBC1 Popular weekly show about antiques and auctions

Tommy & Jerry’s Camera BBC4 60 min doc on World War 1 photography from the front lines. Testimony Films. Canon C300 with prime lenses

Swamplands  Wildlife and Nat Hist on swamplands in Louisiana. Sky Vision (Bristol) for National Geographic & Discovery Animal Planet. Canon C300. Dir. Daniela Pulverer

The Power of Nature Series of environmental films for BBC Earth. High Def. Dir. Karen Partridge.

Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza Celebrity birdwatching in Solway Firth & Isle of Mull. High Def. Fever Media for SKY 1

Cottage Gardens Gardener’s World Special with Rachel de Thame. BBC1 High Def Dir. Rupert Miles

Churchill the Darkest Hour  90 min drama doc exploring Winton Churchill’s involvement in World War One. Aenon Films for BBC4. Shot using prime lenses on large format Canon C300. Dir. Adam Kemp

"Secrets of the Universe" Air to air & cockpit filming for Supersonic jet sequence with Prof. Brian Cox. BBC1 High Def.

Love & Marriage Documentary for Testimony Films / BBC4

Flowerpot Men Celebrity led garden makeover challenge. Renegade Pictures / BBC1

Heston’s Icecream Heston Blumenthal creates a giant Ice Cream. Betty TV / C4

National Day A series of 10 short commercial films for the Qatari Government on the future careers of Qatari children. Sony F3 High Def. Rock Wallaby Productions

Running Blind 60 min observational documentary for BBC Scotland about a blind athlete as she makes her way towards the 2012 Olympic team.

Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention Presenter led series on inventions. High Def. Aardman Animations

Comet 3D TV In store commercial for Comet Electricals. Shot in 3D high definition. Olaus Roe for Comet

Cappucino Commercial for Douwe Egberts on coffee production in Colombia. Denham Productions. High Def. Producer: Charlotte Barton. Dir: Rupert Miles


Around the World in 80 Days Legs 1 & 6 of a celebrity led challenge to complete the famous journey in 80 days by land and sea. BBC1 Dir: Rupert Miles Series Producer: Kez Margrie

Drain the Oceans 60 min science doc on the Ocean floor. Shot in USA, UK, Hawaii & Iceland. Burning Gold Productions. Dir. Steve Nichols

Lurpak commercial, 422 South, Dir: Andrew Hunter, High Def

Restless Waters Series of films for National Geographic Channel on the People of Africa. Dir: Matt Thompson, Super 16mm film

Antiques Road Show 'Priceless' BBC1, Dir: Rupert Miles

Return To.... documentary series re-visiting participants from the 1990's docu soaps, BBC1, Dir: Rupert Miles

Freaky Eaters BBC3 / Betty TV, Dir: Anne Marie Goodwin, Steven Leavy, DVCAM

Mark Lawson Talks To ...Russell T Davies - 60 min multi-camera interview.  Lighting director and lead camera.  BBC4

Nature of Britain, Additional Photography.  BBC1, Dir: Stephen Moss, S16 film

Anthea Turner’s Perfect Housewife, BBC 3/RDF, Dir: Karen Beland, DVCam

Killer Whale Attack, C5/National Geographic/Tigress, Dir. Ben Gooder, High Def

Docu Heroes, BBC 1, Dir. Rupert Miles, DVCam

Casualty, BBC 1 2nd Unit operator, numerous episodes

Forgotten Genocide, BBC 4, Dir. David Olusoga, DVCam

Dr Who Confidential, BBC 3,Digi Beta

Planet Earth Filmaker’s Story, Discovery, Dir. Louise Heren, High Def

Eating with the Enemy, BBC 3 / RDF

Servants , Whitby Davidson Productions, 2nd Unit Operator / DOP

Contact me - 

+44 (0)7799 628316

Diary / agent: 

Jane Murch, Films@59 +44 (0)117 9064334

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